On the road again

This last week I spent 3 days traveling with 4 other Cary Town Councilmembers, our Town manager, Town of Cary staff, folks from the Cary Chamber of Commerce and local business leaders to Austin, TX. This Intercity visit was a first for me, and an opportunity to learn, connect and spend some time getting to know other folks that are passionate about our great town. Read More…

Why Your Vote Matters

As an elected official, it probably makes sense that I am passionate about democracy and public service.  (Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have run for office, right?)

Perhaps my early engagement learning about our government at Girl’s State is what sparked my pubic service interest.  But it’s watching the process of  government and seeing how few people vote, that fuels me today.  As folks that know me well can tell you, I been an “active” participant in the electoral process –  reminding my family, neighbors, friends and constituents about the importance of voting.

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What is Public Art?

When it comes to “art” I have to say that I am ill equipped to judge.  Sure, I like playing with graphic art on my computer.  And I love going to art museums; my favorites being MOMA in New York, the Art Institute in Chicago, and the Louvre, in Paris.  I even have a daughter that has tons of artistic skills, loves to paint, and I am forever amazed by her talent.

But, as they say, “art is in the eye of the beholder.”  And THIS beholder is no true critic.  I also know that what you might understand is “art,” I might think of as…well, *not* art.

So, when I heard that we were going to get an update on the Cary Public Art Master Plan, I was inquisitive and a bit nervous.  (“Lord,” I thought, “please don’t let them ask me what I think of any sculptures or paintings.  It’s a test I’m sure to fail.”)

But, as it turned out, I was in for a real lesson in “Public Art.”  First, a definition.

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Green fire station coming soon

I’m sure that I’ll be writing a number of blog posts that comment on my first “this” or my first “that.”  And this is one of those.

My first “ground breaking.”  

Yes, I wore the required construction hat.  Yes, there was dirt.  And yes, it looked like they had already started work.  (Hence, “ground breaking -> “ground broken.” )

Along with Councilmembers Jack Smith, Jennifer Robinson, and Mayor Weinbrecht, we were joined by representatives from Senators’ Richard Burr and Kay Hagan’s office, and Representative David Price’s office, as well as Representative Renee Ellmers.  We were also joined by State Representative Jennifer Weiss and a member of the EPA.

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Fracking, Round 2

There are two questions I get most often from people when they learn that I’m a member of Cary Town Council.

  1. How much time does it take? (I haven’t figured that out, yet.)
  2. How different is working on council than in the private sector? Now that’s a harder question. 

Normally, my answer is that I’m surprised how much longer things take in the Public Sector.  Not because there aren’t good people – in fact, quite the opposite.  But, if you can imagine doing your whole job, where just about every decision you make is out in the open, that just takes more time.  Also, because you and I and all citizens have the right to ask questions, provide feedback and input, and need to be informed – that can lengthen the process.

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Going back to school

The Town of Cary has a litany of ways that you can get involved – from volunteering at events, to boards and commissions. Every day there are opportunities to connect and learn more about Cary.

But one of my favorite services, by far, is the Town of Cary School of Government.

What is it?

The School of Government is an 8 week set of sessions that provides citizens with information about how municipal government works.  You get a real sense of what it takes to run the Town, from how re-zonings and developments work, to how to get involved.

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Davis & High House projects starting

Cary, NC – The construction trucks are starting to roll at Davis Drive and High House, so get ready for some changes to occur.

Two projects are slated to begin this month at that intersection – at 2 of the 4 quadrants. Searstone is a project that has several components already started – the roads, lights, and trees have been down for quite some time.  You might also remember that Bradford was the controversial development that launched many citizens into action when it was proposed and finally approved in 2007.

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Way to wow ’em

Cary, NC – So many times we are focused on “what’s wrong” or “what needs to be fixed,” instead of celebrating great news, and great service.

Well, I saw GREAT service last week provided by the Town of Cary Public Works department.

Last week, a concerned Cary citizen contacted me and Council member Mrs. Robinson regarding a potentially dangerous issue on Bridle Creek Drive, near the Georgetown Subdivision.  An area near a culvert was widened and the citizen was concerned of the potential for a child to fall near the creek and be seriously injured from the drop-off near the sidewalk.

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