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Techy talk

There are many definitions for the word GEEK – I tend to like the one that has to do with technology.  But it wasn’t always that way.  Growing up, being a girl that liked engineering, science, math and computers wasn’t that common. (Studies show the numbers haven’t increased that much.) 

Technology Geek

Now, though, I am proud of that label. It’s allowed me great opportunities, given me a way to express myself, and I feel comfortable in that skin. Having a “technology bent” has connected me with great folks in the community.  And that’s what happened today.
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Choosin’ how you’re movin’

Last night’s Transit Work session was chock full of details regarding the Wake County Transit Plan. (You can read more about the full plan, here.)   It was nice to see a diverse set of attendees, with many folks from the Town across various departments, interested citizens and passionate transportation advocates.  Anyone that has been on I-40 at rush hour has seen the increase in traffic and what our growth can add to the impact on our transportation system. What this plan will do, (and what we covered last night) is address how bus service and future rail investment can provide added services for the entire Triangle Region along with the operational and financial implications.

Here are the Top 10 items of what I garnered from the session (some larger learnings, some tidbits): Read More…

What can you learn from a clown?

I have a confession to make.  My mother is a clown. No, I’m not being mean.  It’s true.  She’s a real clown.  Makeup, the nose, the outfit, magic tricks, the whole nine yards.  It’s a bit strange, saying that your mom is a clown.  At first, people look at you with that, “I can’t believe you said that about your mother,” look.  Then, they smile.  “Really? A clown?”  “Yes, like in the circus,” I reply.   Read More…

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