Green fire station coming soon

I’m sure that I’ll be writing a number of blog posts that comment on my first “this” or my first “that.”  And this is one of those.

My first “ground breaking.”  

Yes, I wore the required construction hat.  Yes, there was dirt.  And yes, it looked like they had already started work.  (Hence, “ground breaking -> “ground broken.” )

Along with Councilmembers Jack Smith, Jennifer Robinson, and Mayor Weinbrecht, we were joined by representatives from Senators’ Richard Burr and Kay Hagan’s office, and Representative David Price’s office, as well as Representative Renee Ellmers.  We were also joined by State Representative Jennifer Weiss and a member of the EPA.

The excitement was evident in the remarks made by so many.

Fire Station 8

Town of Cary Site Plan

Fire Station 8 located at 408 Mills Park Drive will have many firsts associated with it, as well.

–  First town project that will demonstrate multiple environmental mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by our Public Safety departments

– A “green”project that will be built with sustainability in mind.  From utilizing low-emitting building materials, architecture that leverages natural lighting, solar panels on the roof, as well as a number of sustainable practices that will occur at the station, such as recycling, composting, and increased usage of hybrid vehicles

–  Both Fire AND Police will be co-located at this West Cary location that is close to the expanding growth in West Cary, near schools, parks and new developments

Dr. Linda Rimer, the liaison from the EPA, spoke eloquently about the need for a showcase such as this Fire Station; about the leadership that Cary has continually demonstrated, and how the rest of the country will be looking at this building, and the process as a model for many cities and states across the country. The Town received a grant for close to $500,000 for its focus on reducing  greenhouse gas emissions in the fire and police departments.

The goal is to complete construction of the Fire Station next year.

Another first for Cary, and for me. (Thank goodness I didn’t drop my shovel.)

Thanks for reading!