Going back to school

The Town of Cary has a litany of ways that you can get involved – from volunteering at events, to boards and commissions. Every day there are opportunities to connect and learn more about Cary.

But one of my favorite services, by far, is the Town of Cary School of Government.

What is it?

The School of Government is an 8 week set of sessions that provides citizens with information about how municipal government works.  You get a real sense of what it takes to run the Town, from how re-zonings and developments work, to how to get involved.

I have to admit, I love this program – and I’m a proud graduate of the very first Class of 2003!  I originally signed up for the program so that I could understand  how the widening of Davis Drive and future developments might affect my neighborhood.  What I got out of it was so much more. I learned how government works, I met great people from all across Cary, and I was inspired to serve.

Plus, how many people get to say they have toured a Water Treatment plan, huh?  So cool.

Class of 2012

Tonight I was invited (along with all of council) to meet with this year’s class on their first night of sessions.  I was thrilled to see a diverse set of students, from all over Cary, all age groups, and differing lengths of time of residency in Cary.  (And when I say all ages, I mean as young as 14 and as old as… well, I won’t go there.)

What was exciting to see, was a family attending the School of Government.  The Erickson family are attending together as part of their studies in a Political Science curriculum. I believe it’s the first time the town has had 3 folks from a single family, attend together.  Can’t wait to hear what they think!



If you are interested in applying for the next class, keep an eye on the Town press releases, or on the Town of Cary School of Government pages.  I look forward to seeing you there!