It’s about Quality of Life & Life Quality

Quality of Life – we hear it all the time, and it’s sometimes used by many of us as the reason we live here in Cary.  I think we will admit that we’ve got a “high quality of life” here in Cary. What we sometimes DON’T think about is our “life quality.”  With more than 25% of our population being baby boomers, it’s something that more and more of us think about.  (Yes, I’m a baby boomer.) Our life quality is important; the ability to maintain, regain or improve our abilities or skills, to make a contribution, to be present for our family and to enjoy life. Sometimes we are born with disabilities, or come by them through an accident, or daily challenges.  And, still, we go on.  As do the the folks from the Cary Mayor’s Task Force on Disabilities.

I got a chance to meet with the passionate members of the Cary Mayor’s Task Force on Disabilities on Wednesday.  They have been meeting for years to advocate and create awareness on the Life Quality issues for folks in Cary that have disability issues.

Who are they?

I learned so much at this meeting.  FIrst, they were formed in January 2006, when a small group of Cary citizens came together to address issues and challenges to make Cary a better place for our citizens with disability.  They are an eclectic and passionate group, coming from all walks of life and organizations – from the members of the Eastern NC Multiple Sclerosis Society, NC Department of Vocational Rehabilitations, to folks who work with people with brain injuries.

(Full disclosure: I am a trustee on the Eastern North Carolina MS Society, as well.)

Getting involved

Task Force on Facebook

They get involved when and where they see a need.  From reviewing the Town of Cary Master Parks and Recs plan (from the lens of folks with disabilities), to creating a Webpage and Facebook page that provides information and resources, to advocating for additional disabled parking centers and wheelchairs at local businesses.

I spoke with them about their mission, what their accomplishments have been, and how they see Cary in supporting their “life quality” issues.  They would like to be even more involved, and have so much to offer.  I think that’s a great idea, and will explore what that might look like with my other council members, and Town staff.

Learn more 

If you would like to join them, and learn more, they meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center, and their meeting is open to anyone.

Featured photo by Leo Reynolds