Building Bradford

Some folks say that they can tell when the economy is starting to come back when they see the construction trucks roll in.  I’m not sure that’s the best indicator – but the trucks are starting to roll at the corner of Davis Drive and High House.

I wrote about the Searstone and Bradford developments in March (“Construction in Cary”) – and now the work has recently begun at Bradford.

Updated Information

I met with the developers last month to get an update on the project, understand the timelines, and hear of any changes that may have occurred since the approval.  The original development plan was approved in May 2008.

Here are the highlights of the planned development:

  1. The area in the plan is approximately 41 acres.
  2. Phase 1 consists of 370 apartments and approximately 20 town homes – with retail planned for some areas within the center.
  3. Many of the residential apartment buildings will have retail/commercial or offices on the first floor, with residential above.
  4. A new road will be constructed (Magness Drive) that will go on the other side of the development, and line up with Riggsbee Farm Drive (on Davis Dr.) and an entrance to Searstone on High House.
  5. A greenway is planned around the perimeter, as well as a 10′ trail along Magness Drive.
  6. Three (3) signaled lights will eventually be installed at those entrances.
  7. Construction will take about 2 years – with some occupancy potentially available in the Fall of 2013.
  8. A planned “public square” type of area is planned for within the development.
  9. There is an existing cemetery on the site (at the corner of Davis and High House) that will not be moved, but will be incorporated into a public space.
  10. The uses of the out parcels (along the roadway of Davis and High House) have not yet been identified – but they are limited in what can be built. (No more than 2 fast food places, and no more than 3 drive-thrus, and no “traditional” grocery store is allowed.)
  11. Despite the rumors, a movie theatre is not currently in the plan.
  12. Additional turn lanes and road improvements will occur on both Davis Drive and High House.
I’ve taken the liberty of “coloring” and labeling the site plan, below, so that you can visually see the area described. 

If you would like to see the detailed plans you can go to the planning area where they are posted on the Town of Cary side at Bradford Site Subdivision Plan. And of course, they have an updated commercial website up, as well.

As always, feel free to contact me with comments, questions, issues and concerns.

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